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Show up for yourself

You gotta show up. Pack your gear, get dressed, and go.

Last weekend's range trip was super windy and freezing, despite the sunshine. I started the day out demoralized, struggled through a gun problem and with the challenging weather, and wanted to pack it in. But, I'm working towards a goal. No one is going to get me there but me, and I made myself stay and do the work.

I pulled out my shot timer, list of timed drills, changed out gear, and grabbed my trusty competition gun, and worked out some draws from concealment, reloads and a few Bill Drills. Measurable metrics are essential to tracking your success and progress!

Get out there, show up. Do it despite feelings of failure or lack, do it imperfectly. Do it cold, frustrated, demoralized. Do it anyway. And you'll see improvement in morale and skills, I promise, as you show up for yourself.

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